Harvest Date

October 2018



Pinot Blanc

Willamette Valley

Wine Composition

100% Pinot Blanc



Residual Sugar






Total Acidity



Cases Produced

140á total


Ageing Vessel

Stainless Steel


The Vineyard: The Pinot Blanc block in located on the western side of the vineyard with an eastern slope leading to long song exposure during the day. The vineyard is made up of the Kinton Soil Series which is a silty loam soil. This soil has a medium water holding capacity and drains well. The average rainfall of the vineyard is 45 inches with an average temperature of 55 degrees.

The Winemaking: The Pinot Blanc was picked by hand and brought it to be pressed whole cluster. This wine was both fermented and aged in Stainless Steel which leads to the brightness and crispness to the wine. Fermented with the yeast Allegroľ made to highlight the aromatics in white wines.

The Wine: Fruit salad in a wine, the Pinot Blanc exudes notes of sweet peaches, nectar, candied fruit, jasmine, and orange blossoms. Highlighted by the stainless steel fermentation this wine has a brightness that is complemented by a long smooth finish of peaches and nectarines. This wine balances crisp acidity and apparent sweetness.