Harvest Date

October 2018




Willamette Valley

Wine Composition

100% Riesling



Residual Sugar







3.9 g/L


Cases Produced

156  total


Ageing Vessel

Stainless Steel


The Vineyard: Plum Hill Vineyards sits on a slope on the most eastern part of the Coast Range. With the Kinton Soil Series our grapes are provided a wonderful environment to grow with silty loam soils. The Riesling sit nestled closest to the highway, making it the most eastern portion of the property. With a very light western slope these grapes get sun all day long and the last to ripen.

The Winemaking: This wine was fermented with a yeast called Harmony, a blend of three types of yeast, there is a complexity, sharpness, and aromatics to this wine that make it a crowd favorite. With a higher acid presence, and no RS, this wine is bright, sharp, and easy to drink. Done completely in stainless steel, completely dry, and light.

The Wine: Citrus tones will overcome your senses. Both smelling and tasting this wine will make you think tropical fruit and citrus. Pineapple, green apple, lemon, and slight lime this wine is bright, sharp, and slightly acidic, but not overwhelming. This is an easy to drink Riesling and nothing that you would ever find in Germany!

Technical Info