Harvest Date

October 4th, 2018




Willamette Valley

Wine Composition

100% Schonburger



Residual Sugar

1.5 mg/L








Cases Produced

75  total


Ageing Vessel

Stainless Steel


The Vineyard: Our Schonburger vineyard sits on the far western slope of the vineyard. It receives sunlight in the later half of the day which keeps it warmer and ripens quicker. The Schonburger is the first to ripen and tastes wonderful on the vine. We have only 15 rows of grapes but the fruit sits heavy and we always get a good harvest crop off of it.

The Winemaking: Making this wine is always such a blast. We halted fermentation to hold some residual sugar in the wine to balance out the acid. The wine was pressed and sent immediately to tank which was then fermented with a new yeast. The wine was kept with residual sugar to help brighten it up and bring out lovely flavors.

The Wine:  This wine is a delicious and fresh take on our classic Schonburger. This wine has attributes of lots of Tropical fruits: there are flavors of guava, mango, and papaya it is soft, warm and inviting. The taste of this wine has a great balance of sweetness and acid, it has softer tropical fruit tones on the palate: sweet pineapple and mango.