Red Velvet 351

Dessert Wine

Willamette Valley

Wine Composition

Pinot Noir

Chardonnay Brandy




Residual Sugar

4.8 %





Total Acidity

6.0 g/L


Cases Produced

90 total


Ageing Vessel

40% French and 60% American Oak


The Vineyard: The Pinot Noir block sits on the north side of the vineyard with a 10 north facing slope. The slope allows for adequate drainage to prevent the plants from becoming too vigorous. With elevations ranging between 200-400 feet the grapes sit slightly above the valley floor allowing air to flow through the vineyard preventing frost until deep into winter.

The Winemaking: This wine has a base of Pinot Noir and was fortified by a Plum Hill Chardonnay brandy. While fermenting the Pinot Noir the sugars were carefully monitored to ensure the target sweetness level would be reached. When the right level was reached the brandy was added, halting fermentation. The wine was then aged in oak barrels to round out the flavors and balance it out.

The Wine: This wine screams chocolate and blackberries. Velvety smooth on the palette you can enjoy this port-style with a variety of sweets. The nose will be strong on the brandy then quickly followed with notes of blackberry and dark cherry. The palette will be entertained with chocolate, blackberries, raspberries, and chocolate covered cherries.