Harvest Date

October 2017



White Lace

Dessert Wine

Willamette Valley

Wine Composition

100% Schonburger


Schonburger Brandy



Residual Sugar







5.4 g/L


Cases Produced

223 total


Ageing Vessel

Stainless Steel


The Vineyard: The Schonburger block is one of the more recent plantings at Plum Hill. Planted back in 2010 on the far west side of the property with a 25westward facing slope, this part of the property has great airflow as well as end of the day sun exposure and warmth. The Schonburger block is also one of the steeper parts of the vineyard leading to more drainage for the vines.

The Winemaking: This wine was at first an experiment at Plum Hill. Most people in the area stick to traditional port-styles as well as traditional varieties. This wine is made from a grape called Schonburger (Muscat x Pinot Noir) and then fortified with a brandy made from Schonburger. The grapes were whole cluster pressed creating a fruit-forward and wonderful wine.

The Wine: This wine is a true one-of-a-kind. The nose will present you with notes of lychee, honeysuckle, peaches, pears, and apricots. This is sweet summertime in a bottle. The taste of this wine mirrors the nose as well as intertwines the heat of the brandy with slight acid and following by a smooth and sweet finish.